"ADC 2k17 lul" - main problems

Hi guys, As "ADC 2k17 lul" meme is going, I decided to sum up what's the problem with adcs atm. Feel free to discuss if you think I'm wrong at any point. * Adcs are irrelevant on their own lane. Whole bot is now about waiting for your jungler and top or enemy jungler and top to gank you and dive you or your opponent freely. There is not much you can do about it. * Assassins are way too strong at the moment. Rengar doesn't care about anything with his free cleanse, and his rework ("more counterplay!") has failed at everything it promised ("MORE COUNTERPLAY!"). Syndra can 100-0 you with just her ult. Et cetera et cetera et cetera. It's not about catching you out of position anymore, it's just anyone can kill you deep in your team in 0.3 secs. * Tanks (that are supposed to get melted by adcs by League's rock-paper-scissors system (assassins kill marksmen (DPS dealers), marksmen kill tanks, tanks kill (survive) assassins)) are too dominant to adcs up until super-late game. Third point is getting resolved in 7.2 by Lethality rework afaik. About 2), maybe it's time to give adcs Zhonya's? I feel like that would solve some problems, surely generating some other problems, but maybe more manageable ones. About 1), I don't know how to deal with it. Maybe you guys do know? Thank you all for reading my post and for your constructive comments. Have a great day. > I dont really understand why people argue about this, it has been confirmed by professionals and by Riot that adc is a weak position right now and is the role with the least relevance in the game. I like this quote.
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