Should there be extra requirements to play ranked?(1st timing Champion-Discussion)

So we all know that feeling. U go into ranked, pick your main and get yourself ready to destroy people. Then u notice than your Support has a score of 351, so he has played 1-2 games with the champion and still decided to go into ranked instead of normal. That is the moment that u know, you will lose the game under normal circumstances(if no one gets ridiculously fed). Many people do it in the lower Elos where i am right now because they think they are Faker and can play any champion. The whole daily ordeal has put me into some thought and i have an idea. Should there be one extra requirement for ranked? Now i am not talking about levels, i am trying to adress the problem i described in the last paragraph. How about a rule that requires you to actually know how a champion is played? My idea would be a minimum of 30 non-Ranked games with a champion before being allowed to play him on ranked. Okay, maybe 30 is alot, but i think 20 would be more than reasonable. If this existed, no one would have to play with someone who does not know how his champion works. We are all bad when playing a new champion, it is a natural cycle. Most of us are normal human beings with normal functioning brains, so we go to the Practice tool and then play normal games to get the hang of the Champion. Sadly, some people do not understand that when u dont know a champion, u should avoid ranked until u learn him. So what do u think of this? Should players be forced to actually not be bad to play a champ in ranked? Yes or no. If yes, why? If no, why not? Looking forward to your comments, peace and love to u all <3 <3
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