Warwick Update (My Ideas/ thoughts)

So Warwick is in line for a rework, and I've been thinking a lot about what they could do to make him better than what he is right now. At this current moment in time, Warwick is a supposed Werewolf type character (although he doesn't really feel like one) who's mostly played in the jungle. His attacks involve standing there, slapping his opponents and draining their hp whilst gaining it (hey a rhyme!!). His ult is fairly powerful but is by no means strong since it throws him in the face of his opponents and can be easily cancelled. His animations are clunky and his abilities as a whole just aren't that interesting. That's why I am excited for his rework. It would give him a chance to be a strong pick and I'm not looking at the jungle. Toplane Warwick is something that I have hoped would be successful, but it always seems to fall flat and is outmatched by so many other champions. Also he's a werewolf which is awesome point on its own (screw you vampires). Anyway, back to the point of this, I wanted to give my insight and ideas on what would make Warwick fun, exciting to play as and against, a more viable pick and just generally feel like a whole new champion. Let's go! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To start with, I think Warwick's Lore is very outdated and doesn't feel unique at all. He's supposed to be this test subject hunter character (Oh the confusion) who decided one day he needed to be stronger to collect more subjects quicker, so teamed up with Singed to create a potion to do just that. Unfortunately he needed to find 3 key ingredients, one of which was a celestial heart which happened to belong to Soraka (this is a 12+ game remember). Anyway to cut a long story short he failed in getting the heart, was angry that he failed, drank the incomplete potion and it turned him into a wolf creature (the other components were silver and a wolf fang, starting to see the pattern?). His new form was strong but it also began taking away his humanity and now he looks to kill Soraka and claim her heart to make it right. Done. That was just a quick overview and quite honestly, while the whole Celestial heart bit was interesting, the rest just seemed kinda forgettable and didn't really speak out to who Warwick is. That's why I was thinking about the whole rework, and have come up with my own Lore for him as well as some abilities he could use. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ **Abilities** **Passive** Hunters Remark: If an enemy champion within Warwick's range goes to 50% hp or under, he gains **Hunter's Remark**. Warwick will then deal bonus damage to the targets until they or Warwick have been killed. **Q (Human)** Dagger Toss: Warwick throws his hunting knife in a skill shot line dealing damage, slowing and applying a bleed effect to the target hit. **Q (Werewolf)** Savage Slash: Warwick slices a target enemy with his claws dealing damage. If this triggers his passive, he may cast Savage Slash again on the same or a new target. **W (Human)** A Tracker's Scent: Warwick uses his hunting abilities to track a target enemy champion, revealing them for 5 seconds, even if they enter stealth. **W (Werewolf)** Beastial Fervor: Warwick lets out an empowering howl, inspiring him and his allies, giving them increased attack speed and movement speed for a short duration. **E (Human)** Tripwire: Warwick sets up a tripwire at a target location that lasts for 5 minutes. If an enemy champion steps through the tripwire they are slowed. If Warwick attacks the slowed target, they are stunned for 1 second. **E (Werewolf)** Draining Claws: Warwick blood soaks his claws, causing his basic attacks to restore health for a few seconds. Targets that die whilst Draining Claws is active refresh the duration. **R (Human)** Ravage Strike: Warwick transforms into his werewolf form, leaping at an enemy, dealing damage and gaining access to his werewolf abilities. **R (Werewolf)** Piercing Disengage: Warwick rolls backwards, transforming back into his human form and firing a piercing bolt from his rifle that deals damage to all enemies hit and reduces their armour for a few seconds. (Note: The bolt part of Piercing Disengage is a separate skill shot from the backwards roll.) Now I haven't included any stats or numbers since it's just the abilities and the Lore I wanted to cover. I decided that having Warwick able to shift between his two forms already adds a level of difficulty to him, as it is now 9 abilities to manage, as well as various tricks you can use from both of his forms. It also keeps with werewolf lore as some werewolves can freely change between their two forms, and that is how I wanted to represent Warwick. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ **Lore** _A lone hunter, desperate to make a living on what coin he could, Lincoln Warwick took pride in his work in capturing wild beasts within his traps before cutting them and taking their furs to sell on to travellers and other prospecting merchants in the streets of Noxus. When he was not out hunting wild game, he was training his senses, seeing how far he could go to break his mind free from his humanistic boundaries and into the wilds of his playgrounds. Over the years he became an expert in his field, and the amount that his furs and hides were selling for increased as his skills became sharper and more profound, beast like in a sense. The other merchants were beginning to get suspicious of his success rate and were losing customers to it, so they grouped up and followed him as he went out hunting for more prized furs. _ _It was during this hunt that Warwick saw the most beautiful sight he had ever laid his eyes upon. A giant wolf, silver in colour with white under fur shimmering against the black night of the forest. Warwick took aim with his short bow, his breathing slowed down to a halt, his shuffled his foot to gain the perfect balance. This was one hunt he would not fail._ _Before he released the bow string, a wild hatchet flew past him, barely scathing his face, and knocked him off balance. He turned to see the other merchants who had followed him, brandishing their swords and axes, claiming he had ruined their businesses. A feral spirit opened up within Warwick, his hunt had fled and it was their fault... and they needed to pay._ _Warwick stood alone in the centre of his massacre, the corpses of the merchants who had attacked him lay all around for him to witness. Feeling an overwhelming essence of guilt and emotion that he had taken innocent human lives he fell to the ground and cried into his hands. It was then he realised that he had not been the one to cause this, the beast inside him, the one he raised over the years and nurtured into a wild creature tamed by his very soul was the thing to have caused this. And with that he stood, the silver wolf from before standing behind him, understanding what he has done and what he has released. It snarled at Warwick and leapt at him, biting down on his neck and emitting a white glow followed by an ear shattering howl._ _When Warwick awoke, he felt different. Raw power was the only way he could describe it, the beast inside of him had gone yet something remained, something dangerous, something... alive. A voice in his head told him what he could do and how he could do it, but there was a place he needed to go, one that called all beings to immense power such as his, where he can use his new-found powers to achieve all the hunting he could ever want. Warwick set off to find, The League of Legends._ So that's his Lore, something I drafted together at 1:37 am (I am very tired) but I'm happy with it, and I feel it adds a lot of depth to Warwick as a character. Of course there is loads more detail I want to go into with my idea but I am really tired so maybe another time. Please leave a comment saying anything you like/ dislike or I could improve upon ^_^ I love reading the feedback and initiating on it. Thank You!

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