Is Sion too strong ?

Hey Guys, i main Sion since his rework and i noticed that he is a really strong pick right now against any matchup. I played him usually top. If you take a Crystalline Flask, 2 mana potions, 1 health pot with u and skill E u can poke your enemy out of your lane with no problem (Or get a kill right away) and have enough sustain to ignore any harass. I also take TP most of the time so i can gank Bot or Mid if needed with my ult and be back in time to dont miss any farm and protect my tower. After the laningphase u are still a high threat to your enemy, because you can take out there ADC or Midlaner very easy with ur CC in a teamfight. They ether have to focus u or die because of ur damage. I myself like to get a Trinity Force after my 2 core Items (Sunfire and Spirit Visage) to deal damage with AA's while my abilitys are on CD. The biggest letdown might be his passive though, most of the time u wont get to use it properly except in a teamfight (How do u manage to die as Sion anyway?) What are your thoughts on this? I think Sion is a very good pick against because he can do well in most team compositions and has infinite healthscaling, good CC, nice DMG and no really bad matchup.
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