Enemy support DC I get -19 for leaving! Are you damn serious!?

1 game to P1 promo. Loading screen. All 100% except enemy Braum. I'm 100% too. I wait. Nothing happens. I deco & reco 3 times. All 100% except Braum. Okay, maybe he's playing on a potato, I'm fine with this then boom! ** -19 POINTS FOR LEAVING!** Me!? For leaving what!? My client works. It was Braum that fu.ked up everything. He wasn't even able to reach his own ADC in lane. Enemy team told me in lobby room that he was dc and that he connected later! My team said that they deco & reco multiple times too. How is it fu.king possible that I get -19 penalty in its place!? He should be punished not me! Why am I getting this stupid -19!?
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