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Yuumi is OF COARSE a support Here is a description in a video by redmercy ——> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7TtvuSoiv1I Abilities... Despite bringing a new mechanic on her Q (where the projectile follows your Curser as if your curser was a magnet, as shown at 3:20-3:40 in this video ——> ( no more Yassuo’s{{champion:157}} windwall blocking, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S99XfbM3gJc Her w is much like a Rakkan{{champion:497}} w ( this will be interesting to see the interactions like a champion to or recall, I wonder if riot will implement some sort of code to make allies untargetable while channeling, according to the trailer yuumi clings onto kled{{champion:240}} with her w, kled is midway in his ultimate which is a channel, also will this mechanic work with sion{{champion:14}} ultimate or fiddlesticks{{champion:9}} ultimate) as they are also channels Yuumi’s E is a self heal, much like a old Kayle w{{champion:10}} or gp w{{champion:41}} . The passive is when she is inside an ally, for example{{champion:145}} her will heal her all INSTEAD of her NOT as well. This also gives her or her ally {{champion:145}} a decaying stealth ( this ability has 2 charges with a brief delay between each cast). Yuumi’s R (ultimate) is like 7 waves of energy, much like rivens {{champion:92}} ultimate and do low damage, but being a support she has to have some sort of hard cc like a sona{{champion:37}} ultimate, she fires out 7 waves with a 0.3 second delay between each, all cast over 2 seconds, yummi needs to hit at least 3 waves on a champion to root them. The range is as wide as azir’s {{champion:268}} ultimate, and as long as a zed’s {{champion:238}} Q. Item builds... As stated at the top, yuumi is a support but only time and the meta will show, she may be “OP” like most new champions, therefor could be a midlander, despite her kit being designed for a support role, here are some guidelines to what I think you should build as yummy in her (Non troll) role (support). {{item:3303}} {{item:2003}} {{item:3340}} Your core item build should look like this {{item:3092}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3111}} these boots because your w passive will convert a % of your tenacity for the ally u cling to. Optional items are {{item:3041}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3008}} and{{item:3089}} or upgrade to {{item:3374}} if you have an orrn{{champion:516}} on your team. And an armour item or mr item depending on the enimies team comp. This being said, yuumi’ s build could be anything, these are just the items that I think would best suit her kit. Here are some more healing items, considering she is a support ( with a healing ability) it would make sense to build items such as{{item:3028}} {{item:3379}} {{item:3222}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3029}} {{item:3504}} and {{item:3050}} Summoner spells... {{summoner:4}} ~~~~ flash is always a great option and is used on most champions, it is the strongest summoner spell by far and will save you many times or get you many kills/assists Avery game if used right {{summoner:14}} given that your evening adventure will want to trade with you, this is a great option for the finish or secure of a kill, it also applies grievous wounds which cuts the healing effect if the enmity ( for example xayah{{champion:498}} ) has taken heal{{summoner:7}} {{summoner:7}}——- Heal is a good summoner spell for your and your add,s survivability, it also provides healing effects which could be the difference between you winning and losing a 1v1, unless you are matched up against this pure cancer,{{champion:142}} ( that was a joke for midlanders btw). Other options could be... Barrier,{{summoner:21}} this is a selfish summoner as it will only protect you not your adc :( sorry OTP {{champion:67}} , also a very strong summoner for damage reduction and slow is exaust{{summoner:3}} and finally you could go for{{summoner:1}} if there is a lot of cc like for example you are against this team comp {{champion:266}} top, {{champion:9}} jungle {{champion:90}} mid {{champion:518}} bot {{champion:25}} support Also if you ever had to play against this much cc then mercurial treads {{item:3111}} is a must buy. Here is the release skin, Battle academy yuumi https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289077644115443712/571398331880833065/34cnegb.png here is yuumi's bio/lore... In the outlands of Bandle City, there was once a wooded glen where the moon-moths glimmered and the riverbanks overflowed with rainbowfish. In a cottage nestled between the verdant trees lived a yordle enchantress named Norra, with her cat, Yuumi. Born with magical powers of protection, Yuumi enjoyed a life of leisure for many years, pouncing on sunbeams and napping beneath the mouse-trees. Whenever adventure sparked her interest, she joined Norra on explorations across the material and spirit realms. Norra spent her time collecting strange objects like broken cups, shards of colored glass, and fabric with funny stitching. She examined each artifact with deep reverence, though Yuumi never understood their purpose. Nevertheless, Yuumi would use her magic to protect Norra from harm, and would warm her feet when they returned home. The doorways between realms are finicky and seldom open, even to creatures as dexterous as cats. Yuumi watched as other yordles waited for days for the eastern star to align with a particular stone archway, or waded impatiently between marsh-lilies, seeking a silver blossom blooming from the mud—only then would a pathway appear. But Yuumi’s yordle, Norra, possessed the powerful Book of Thresholds, which allowed her to instantly travel anywhere depicted in its pages. When Norra opened a portal, she and Yuumi would gleefully dive into its glowing paper and arrive at their destination, joined a moment later by the book. Yuumi never paid the book much attention until one starless night, when she returned home from luring moon-moths with her shinylight to find Norra missing. She saw the book on her master’s desk and flipped through its pages in a panic, noticing that some were torn out entirely. Unable to read its title, Yuumi cried out to it in distress, calling it, simply, “Book”. In response, the book wiggled, and Yuumi was surprised to learn she could understand thoughts amidst the rustling paper. Despite not having a voice, Book made itself loud and clear. Yuumi learned that Norra had gone somewhere so perilous, she had destroyed the portal as she traveled. Yuumi knew she had to rescue Norra, and turned to Book for help. Each of its thousand pages led to a different location along the lines of magic that crossed the material and spirit realms. The page Norra had used to travel was lost, but Book might be able to get them close. Yuumi and Book would have to explore every possible threshold. She became Book’s unlikely Keeper, vowing to protect it with the courage of a lion—if it fell into the wrong hands, the doorways to Bandle City could open to all kinds of unsavory and ravenous intruders. Yuumi and Book began their arduous journey, visiting dangerous and unfamiliar lands. Yuumi sought Norra’s scent on the wind, to little avail. While Yuumi would sometimes break from their search to follow the scent of a mouse or restore her strength with a quick catnap, Book was frustratingly cautious, grumpy over lost time and nervous about threats they might encounter. Nevertheless, Yuumi and Book were both determined to find their master and bring her home. When Yuumi especially missed Norra, she often sought out other companions. One of her favorites was a door-carrying shepherd with thick whiskers and a deep laugh like a babbling brook. Yuumi rested on his shoulders for a time, protecting him from angry snow-spirits stirring up flurries in a hailstorm, while he brought her wriggling fish. Eventually, Yuumi uncovered the scent of her master lingering in a vast Shuriman ruin. Digging deep into the sand, she unearthed a broken shard of blue pottery that looked like a piece from one of Norra’s teapots. Before she could burrow further, a ferocious beast surfaced from the sand, and Yuumi and Book barely escaped. She could only imagine the chaos if a creature like that ripped its claws into Book’s pages. Though unlikely companions, Yuumi and Book have become fast friends, united by their love for Norra. Yuumi continues to search everywhere for signs of her master, so she can someday return to her life of napping in the sun by Norra’s side. here are some champions that i think yuumi will have good synergy with, (adc's only) {{champion:22}} ashes ultimate will provide a really strong stun which yummi can chain cc with her ultimate {{champion:145}} if yuumi was to w kaisa and kaisa ultimates, essentially yummi gets a free kaisa ultimate {{champion:429}} i think this would be a very nice combo because of kalistas ultimate pulling her in and then she can jump out, this would be used more as a get to allies to heal quicker rather that in an agressive sense. {{champion:21}} because the hitboxes on the ultimates are similar and would work really well together providing all the damage from mf{{champion:21}} and all the cc from yuumi. {{champion:133}} the ultimate provides both of them with stealth {{champion:18}} free tristana w when latched onto her with w {{champion:29}} provides stealth and moovment speed with twitch q. {{champion:67}} with vaynes ultimate, the invisibilty would make yummi so slippery and all the cc would be unexpected. _____________________________________________________________________ Leave a comment if there is certain info you want me to reply to, this page will be constantly updated several times a day.
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