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hi , i am a support main and ive been playing support since the start of season 5 . i find nothing more enjoyable than playing support (especially tank supports ) and i play almost in all of my games as a support , but since the recent changes to support items in patch 8.2 playing support isnt as much fun as it used to be the removal of the talisman , frost queen and especially face of the mountain . was a big slap in the face as a support main i can understand that sightstone wasnt gold efficient but removing these items in order to make it more appealing is just plain wrong sure we have 1 free item slot now but with less versatility in support itemization and play style , and tank supports toke a big hit with the removal of fotm since it was the bread and butter for them and now they can do as much as they use to do ( in terms of protecting an ally ) and now i dont have the drive to play support as i used to do , ive been playing less and less with each day and have played other roles but i dont enjoy them as support role even tho ive been doing great in other lanes .

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