How things are gonna go with Sated Devourer

If we learned anything from RIOT over the years, this is gonna happen: *A few patches later* RIOT: We decided that some junglers are too strong with Sated Devourer so we decided to nerf them. TL;DR: Rip Jax, Yi, Xin, Kayle, Shyv, etc. *One patch after that* RIOT: These champs still seem to be performing good, wonder why? We decided to nerf them to the ground this time. TL;DR: Rip same champs even more *A few more patches later* RIOT: Ah, we finally figured out it was Sated Devourer that was causing the problems, not the champions. So we decided to nerf Sated Devourer to the ground. TL;DR: Rip Sated Devourer. But wait? What about the nerfed champions? They'll probably be left there. Same thing happened with Cinderhulk, RIOT kept repeatedly nerfing Nautilus, Seju etc (Kinda agree they were strong), but it wasn't them, it was Cinderhulk. After nerfing Cinderhulk a bit, NO Nerfs were reverted for the champs, who are now: A) a support, B) The only decent Tank jungler, but sucks compared to The Sated Dev Ones.
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