Yo Riot, get yo sh*t together! (A rant about dynamic Queue)

Okay, I'm trying to keep this as civilised as possible, but I'm really pissed off by now. There's a big flaw in the dynamic queue for people like me, with that I mean people who main ADC and support. If setting up a game as a main bot and secondary support you'll always get support. Since I want to play about 50/50 adc and support this leads to me having to pick an other lane as my secondary when I want to play ADC. BUT, I main adc and support, so I can't really play other lanes(The problem which this queue was ment to solve). But a lot of the times I get the lane I picked secondary. WHICH I CANT PLAY! This Is really annoying and effecting my experience in ranked very much. That's what I'm pissed off about and I really want i fixed. An other side note: because I don't pick support anymore( and I'm guessing more people do for the same reason) support is getting an even less played role. Only making this problem worse. Now I don't know if there are other posts about this, there probably are, but I needed to get this of my chest. As I said I'm pretty tilting right now. So please Riot, fix this sh*t, It's starting to get to the point of me not wanting to play anymore, just because of this. Hope I get a serious reacting and that this gets fixed. Yours Sincerely, Kylo Lixk
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