Bot and Mid 18 deaths 1 kill

You're the jungler! You should gank. I did. I went to steal enemy Ekko's blue and was succesfull. Inmediatly went top to give Khazix a kill and was succesfull. 10 secs later. MF double kill. Lux kill. Etc etc. The mid and bot lane together had 18 deaths and the amazing ammount of 1 kill. And ofcourse on top of that the Nida went afk mid game. Why everytime I am on 94 or 97 LP in silver 1 I keep getting these teams. When people feed the ADC 0-4 in the first 4 minutes how am I supposed to gank? 4 kills, 1200 gold? That's instant BF with the farm she took in those minutes. How am I supposed to fix that with just 1 assist? How do other people deal with this?

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