ADC main,, pfft

Just recently discovered ADC and find them extremly fun to play. BUT, being trolled by the autofilled support 98 times out of a 100 i can see why bot lane is considered the "noob lane", yes yes i'm only bronze but that doesn't change the fact that auto fill should never have been invented at all. Being an ADC i more or less rely on my support to (pun incoming) support me... and having a trolling 12yo because he couldnt play kata mid (or for whatever screwed up reason) is not working out for me at all. and without auto fill the support mains of this world would have 2sec queue timer (wich i think would make more people pick up support just to squeeze a few more games out of their day) I cant be the only one who feels this way, please upvote and discuss to get rito to realise that this needs to be fixed and SOOOOOOOON :P thanks for reading my rant <3
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