Riot Should Introduce a New Mobility Item for Crit Marksmen

Here's my idea : We bring back cloak of agility as a glorified item, and we make crit marksmen great to play again : Say no more, read this and thank me later Riot ! New item : **Ranger's Cloak of Alacrity** 20% crit chance 30 AD 25% attack speed 5% move speed **Unique active : **"_XDXDdash yolo_" Jump 350 tiles in the direction you point with your mouse cursor and then boost your movement speed by 30% for 1.5 sec. 20 sec cooldown, Critical strikes reduce this cooldown by one second. Shares a 6 sec internal cooldown with other mobility champion abilities and summoner spells. Builds out of {{item:3086}} & {{item:1036}} + {{item:1036}} + 1000 Gold Total cost : 3000 gold _(Ranged champions Only)_ ___________________________________________________ **Cost analysis : ** 20% crit chance = 1 200 gold 30 AD = 1 050 gold 25% attack speed = 625 gold 5% move speed = 197 gold Total gold value : 3 072 gold This Item would be 102,4% cost effective without its active. ____________________________________________________ With this item, you could actually build 100% crit with another zeal item and infinity edge. Also, it would provide mobility with hit-and-run potential for most immobile crit marksmen. The lack of built-in mobility in fast paced games would no longer be a prohibitive burden for crit Marksmen. It would be a niche item for crit marksmen. Most importantly, I could finally play Ashe and feel like a real wood ranger with outplay potential early on. It promotes good gameplay, kiting and skill-expressive moves. What could go wrong ?
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