Outplays or good players dont exist..

Hi.Posting again because i cant no more and im tired of this system(sorry my english not my main).Im plat and i try hard to move forward but the big problem is always have to carry alone.I did duo with a friend D3 decent player not impresive not big deal.Still lost many games because from 2 teams 1 must win no matter what.This D3 isnt even so good player and watching him was thinking omg he didnt play better then me. So what he got d3 with luck?Ye he did.Its the only reason cuz boosted he didnt get it he was solo queue. So riot why dont you do something about this system.50 players go diamond 10 masters... ofc from 5 milion players at last 200-300 players must be lucky. What im supposed to do to keep playng and lose my mind tryharding to carry and do 1v5. because my team even in plat throw dont play safe and fed.I get even flamed by my team if i go mid or top or jungler. I dont fed i play safe i farm i gank still they lose their lane and start blame me with no reasons..Its like im here to carry them.But its not possible to carry evry game.Many people quited the game because they say its inbalanced game..I think they right.Only luck can save you here.Ive seen chalenger players that are not so big deal and still they could got there.So plz this is only luck or what cuz i cant take this no more honestly.
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