Hello there. Returned after 17 months of not playing. Any tips how to catch up with the changes?

Hello Guys, long time no see. I am thinking about returning to League, but considering how long ago I left, I do not know even where to start. So, I have several questions: Am i understanding it correctly, or does this new Neeko guy has a W that hits as hard as Jax ulitimate, and still is considered a support champion? I used to like playing Nautilus in the jungle, just sort of a kink. Can I pick him up and expect decent results? Runes and masteries are gone, right? No more cheap wins by messing with your opponents' muscule memory with unconventional runes? Of my 3 favoruite toplane champions Shen, Sion and Mundo, which will be the easiest to pick up in the current enviornment? Oh, i bet there is so much that changed, and I know I will have to embrace being a noob again. But with a bit of help from kind people on the boards, it should be easier.
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