Statistically On Yasuo You Will Have More Deaths Than Kills, Maybe He Should Be Given MR Per Level

If you look at Yasuo in any lane, Top, Mid etc he has some of and often the most deaths out of everyone. --- **Stat's For Top And Mid** --- **Stats For Average In Diamond** --- **KDA All Champions (All Leagues)** **KDA All Champions (Diamond League Only)** Scroll to the bottom (he's last) --- What does this show? well its shows that even some of the best most experienced players in the game can't play Yasuo without on average dying more than getting kills. It doesn't help that Yasuo is only 1 of 2 melee champions that don't have scaling MR per level, this is a stupid bad balanced mechanic for champions. --- Yasuo as a champion is basically an ADC with no range, this present the problem when vs certain champions, such as Darius, where and ADC could kite or be peeled, the only way for a Yasuo to damage then is to be in melee range. Yasuo is a champion you have to play to a high mechanical skill just to do okay to good, meanwhile a high mechanical Draven for example gets far more rewarded than a high mechanical Yasuo. Yasuo could really use with some more survive ability, to actually make him not just die instantly. Don't say his shield because let be honest its one of the worst shields in the game: *It lasts 1 sec, *Get taken down from taking any damage so is easy to proc *Takes travelling 33% of the map to get back (this is base to just past 1st mid tower (20-25 secs or so) *He has no control over it, oh look i got my shield.... and its gone.

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