The (?) ingame when someone doing a misstake.

I bet that everyone have done a misstake sometimes, failed flash or missed a skillshot that could be a kill. But we all know that we made that misstake so the enemy missing for pointing out that they did a misstake isn't nesseserly. Let's say that i done a great early game with low misstakes and in mid game all of a sudden i make a misstake that can secure the teamfight, then the "?" comes up and im starting to do more misstake due to that im so focus to not doing any more misstakes. So im starting to think about not to do any misstake and then il be less focus to plan and focus on the whole gameplay. I can't help it, when i get "flames" on me then im starting to do so much worse plays. Sure i could ignore it but when i see it then i can't forgett it ^^ So for the love of god, kindly stop with the "?" when someone are doing a misstake. That's my opinion. Do anyone agree with me? :) Sorry for my bad grammar <3

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