An Answer to How Crit Can be Replaced

/dev diary: Variance in League of Legends
Ghostcrawler breaks down the different types of randomness that exist in League of Legends.
So just watch this and I remembered this problem witch is an easy fix and I'm going to explain how; 1st One of the main problem if champs that have crit passives, {{champion:157}} and {{champion:23}} . Now {{champion:157}} needs a nerf and he can live without an add on passive as he already has another one I would say. {{champion:23}} on the other hand would need a new passive but it can be easily done (probably by changing crit to ad and or attack speed). 2nd The removal of {{item:3031}}, {{item:3508}}, {{item:1018}} and {{item:1051}} and changes to {{item:3085}}, {{item:3087}}, {{item:3094}}, {{item:3046}} and {{item:3086}} would need to happen. 3rd Attack speed per lv on all marksmen and the attack speed cap would need increasing as attack speed would be a big focus. 4th (the main point) There would need to be item replacements for {{item:3031}} and {{item:3508}} and I got some ideas for them (btw numbers are just for placement, I'm not part of the balance team); number 1, Heaven's Bow (the tank killer one): build - {{item:1038}} + {{item:3034}} + 1100 combine cost (3400 total gold) +65 ad Unique passive - Giant Slayer: Grants up to a +10% bonus true damage on all physical damage against enemy champions with greater maximum health than you (+1% damage per 50 health difference, maxing at 500 health difference). Unique passive - Arrow of Light: Every 3rd auto attack or enchanted basic attack (cait w, vi e, ect) fires an arrow along your basic attach path until the end of your max range dealing 75% of your ad as true damage to all enemies hit. (maybe with the enchanted attacks). number 2, Hextech Grenade Launcher (the aoe damage one): build - {{item:1038}} + {{item:1043}} + {{item:1042}} + 900 combine cost (3500 total gold) +55 ad +45% attack speed Unique passive - Explosion: Your basic attacks (initial target (on hit would be too strong with {{champion:29}} and {{item:3085}})) and single target spells explode dealing 25% of your ad to the target and all enemies around. number 3, Gauntlet of Fury (the long term damage one): build - {{item:1053}} + {{item:3086}}(reworked) + {{item:1037}} + 675 combine cost (3700 total) +40 ad +15% life steal +35% attack speed +8% move speed Unique passive - Fury: each basic attack and single target spell adds a stack of fury for 6 seconds (max 10 (all drop at the end of the duration)). For each stack your ad is increased by 10%. number 4, Death's Axe (the bursty one): build - {{item:3123}} + {{item:3133}} + {{item:1037}} + 825 combine cost (3600 total) +70 ad +20% cdr Unique passive – Executioner: Enemy champions hit with physical damage from you are grievous wounds and causes any physical damage dealt to the target to be increased by 10% for the next 3 seconds. (btw these are balanced around there being no crit before you rage) And that is how riot can replace crit, tell me if you think it would work ^^ (upvote if you think it could work, down if not)
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