Off meta build = instant flaming (even from the enemy team) ... OK

Hey guys! This is just kind of a rant from me as a way to let out some steam from my last few game experience. I'm also iterested in what you guys think ? Okay so i'm an OTP Lux main ( yes you an call me eGirl anything i heard it all ) and its pre-season so i started to experiment with a lot of new builds for Lux trying to find things that are really good and fun to play, against champions i usually hate to play Lux like the standard assasins. So one of my recent thing is to build {{item:3027}} as a first item then immediatly go for {{item:3089}} . This so far gave me really safe plays even against assasins as {{item:3010}} helps me stay alive in lanephase and a fully stacked {{item:3027}} gives decent ap. I also often start with {{item:1054}} instead of {{item:1056}} . You can flame me all you want but with {{item:2033}} at first back noone can kill me on lane. Yes the ring gives AP and manaregen but i played Lux so much i'm totally fine without manaregen so only the AP is missing . That missing AP is compensated with my runes + {{item:2033}} so no idea why is it that bad. But no matter how good i play (you can check my match history) i get flamed for building it. I just don't understand it. And its not only my team most games its actually the enemy. This game i just played that made me actually write this where i played against a Gragas and pretty much won my lane agaisnt him. After 10 minutes he and his duo Jhin started to flame me for building {{item:3027}} . I'm quite used to it by this point so i didn't pay much attention to their ramblings. But what really got me was when Gragas said: "You don't have any burst with {{item:3027}} ... ect " that was at the point in game when i had my {{item:3089}} and oneshot people left and right some bearly survived. I understand that {{item:3027}} is seen as an old "useless" item but it actually gives more AP stacked than luden. while also giving a lot of HP , MANA and the {{item:3010}} passive makes it sooo easy to sustain its insane. I get that its not meta but {{item:3027}} is pretty good. And as far as i know Lux is more of a mid/late game champion . She will never one combo you on lvl 3 like an assasin would. So why whould i force early game damage while being extremly squishy. I swear people go bloodthirsty when they see a Lux. " Ohh squishy lemme kill it. " Now they can't . So solution = Flame . {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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