Hextech Crafting Flaws

Some of the things about hextech crafting is still very time consuming and unintuitive At the moment it is not possible to turn several key fragments into several keys, you need to create 1 key for every 3 key frags you have. For example say you have 10 keyfragments, you need to create 1 key, 3 times! Now sure that doesn't sound too crazy but it gets worse. If you are like me in this event and didn't find anything appealing in the Lunar crafting store and then just decided to turn your 100 free tokens into key fragments, you have to do the purchase 10 times because its 1 key frag for 10 tokens... This takes soooo long... And if you ever have spare tokens and can only buy the 1 blue essence you are looking at SOOOO much disencanting... This whole process takes too long!!! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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