Kill History

Who killed whom? Who had assist? How much damage dealt? What abilities and spells did he use? Wouldn't be awesome if there was a window somewhere in this screen that shows you all these stuff? I'm fighting with a {{champion:24}} in top lane while someone died, I absolutely don't have time to check who died. After the fight I see in tab window {{champion:67}} is dead, okay I'm thinking, {{champion:67}} was the one who died, but who killed her? {{champion:64}} was there? {{champion:103}} was there? All I see is a {{champion:64}} with 2-1-4, a {{champion:18}} with 2-0-1, and a {{champion:25}} with 0-1-5, our {{champion:103}} has 1-3-1.. wtf happened there? did ahri go bot lane and killed vayne? lee sin did? who did it? After a team fight I wanna know everything that happened there. Let's say that four players of my team are dead, 3 of enemies, okay, so what damage did my adc do in those 3? hmm he did 850 damage on {{champion:245}} and 340 damage on {{champion:22}} , oh {{champion:432}} also had an assist on ashe stunning her and dealing 200 damage. My opinion is when I press the tab button there will be little window and when you press it it shows the kill history. Or by pressing a specific button like K. What do you think?
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