To all Riven QQ threads

What do you expect? You think if you moan 24/7 on boards, they will nerf her because of you? I will refresh memory of some people here, because obviously they have problems with their knowledge about game or they're just trolling for fun, I'm not sure about that yet ... Here is a short guide for those > NERF RIVEN < noobs: 1. Riven is MELEE! Except her 2nd ultimate cast she has 0 poke. Her 2nd ultimate cast's damage is based on enemy's missing % HP so if you are not missing at least 50% of your HP her poke is useless. Melee has to come to you in order to deal damage. So, how hard is it to pick ranged champion with CC? Guess it's too hard, ok, she needs nerfs, QQ, let's continue. 2. If she has flash, engage is a bit easier for her but when she doesn't have flash, people (or riven haters better said), you have freaking **EXHAUST** summoner spell, use it, you have freaking frozen heart, thornmail, randuin omen, sunfire cape etc. 3. Most important! Picks! If your team comp is so bad, that you don't have a single hard cc like stun, silence, knock up or even just some kind of a perma-slow, just dodge or you deserve too lose, because teams without any CC = Riven's wet dreams. And don't even start with the > she will just dodge it, mobility OP, blahblahblah <, because you have plenty of champions that have non-skillshot CC. But ofcourse some people just HAVE TO pick squishy champion with 0 mobility against RIven, because they are such genius and then they fail and then they come here on boards with their nerf Riven ideas. I don't want to be impolite, but its more like buff your brain instead of nerf Riven.
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