Just remove that herald...

It's not fun to play against that sh.t you come up every fcking time. Dragons give good buffs and now herald gives 20min long super as.s buff. How am I supposed to lane early against that? Oh you made it harder to kill? Oh wait it can be taken easily by 2 players. Yes good balancing as always. Even if you kill your opponent he still dosent lose it so will go around for next 20min kicking anyone in the nuts just because this game needs more invisible power. Jarvan's flag was a no no because it had some stats. But now who gives a fck let's give all rainbow color dragons with multiple stat boosts and elder one just gives more power. Now it's all about who can take all the objectives easy at 8min behind your back. It's fun laning against opponent do good and then hey he get's herald buff fed and it becomes lane where you get stomped. Great job guys great job. Next introduce some more jungle monster that give you stats for 30min it will be great.
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