We want solo-queue back

Hi, every ranked player out there. Are you having a hard time atm? Well that's not strange, at least not if you are playing solo. Ever since Riot removed Solo queue and replaced it with Dynamic queue more and more players decide to team-up. That is good, don't get me wrong but it has its negative sides too. Becasue it's not good if you are a person playing games on your own. Everyone who likes to play solo in ranked will have it harder. * The queue time is longer when playing solo * If you get matched up with a 4 premade team, you wont be able to influence much, especially not if they are skyped. * Playing against a full premade team is hard, becasue they have much better commuication. * It's harder to climb for a solo player compared to players in a full premade team, becasue if a low elo player invites people with higher elo, he will easily get carried due to the bonus lp for meeting people above his elo and due to his friends high carry potential. * In higher elo you can end up facing whole LCS-teams I mean like, if you like playing with your friends you should probably play normals. You play normals ro have fun and improve, but ranked is to test your own capacity, your own skills. You shouldn't need to have someone to play with to do so. But today it feels like Riot has forced everyone to doing so, since you are most likely to win with a full premade team. This is why I want the solo/duo queue system back. If you want to play with your friends in ranked- start a ranked team instead. OBS; I do like the new champion select, I never want the "mid or feed" back, but I think you can play it that way with only the soloduo-queue instead. Do you agree/disagree, leave a like/disslike, comment and discuss. P.s. I'm not the very best person to explain, here is a more detailed video about the topic by Redmercy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahItzHevJxM
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