Overwatch is copy from lol!

hi! overwatch is copy from lol and riot isnt doing anyting i mean they are stealing! that why they have so many players because they steal from the world biggest GAME! I have a ton of examples here! Mei create impassable ice wall - anivia w -_- Mei can make ice that make her untargetble and she gains hp over time - liss ult mei create circle of snow storm - anivia ult! Junkratt cast bouncing bombs - ziggs q Junkratt can place a trap - cait w Junratt place a bomb that he can reactivate to blast away enemies and him self - ziggs w Junkratt become spinning rammus - rammus q I HAVE SO MANY EXAMPLES I DONT WANNA WRITE MORE BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY NOT GONNA READ
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