I don't know, is, anybody bored as well? I mean, this goes out to anyone playing for at least 5+ years, with thousands of games, especially those who play just do you not get bored? or is the only way to not get bored to play ranked, where a WIN or LOSS matter? since in normals, win or loss mean nothing and doesnt me bring anything at all...I feel 0 emotions when seeing the endscreen after a game, 0 emotions when winning, 0 emotion when losing... I mean, I try and try and try, but I simply get bored of LoL no matter what I do...if I am losing 0/7 Im bored, if I am winning 7/0 Im bored...if Im 4/4 well, Im still bored, though maybe having non-snowball gameplay might help? I any friends of mine who have playing game so long have either 1. quit / moved on (warframe, apex legends, ...) 2. play just featured modes (even that rarely) as those give some fun But how can I still have fun in the rift? In NORMALS I mean Like, literally whenever Im winning, but actually see enemy team really trying and I can see they want to win, I have to constantly fight the urge to throw and let them win, because to them winning (still) seems to matter, to me it doesnt anymore...and frankly usually, I give up in the end and do throw, and get a modicum of happiness from seeing them all happy spamming chat how they are winners and all them gg ez's (biggest nuts in the nuthouse award really, fun) So really, how do you not get bored? For a time lvl mastery helped, but since realizing it has nothing to do with skill and is by 90% decided by farm, its become boring real quick

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