Trying to improve an off-meta strat

I tried to come up with a new support strategy as Shaco which is all about setting the enemy jungler behind and roaming around all lanes. I take smite and buy a jungler item and go to into the enemy jungle, taking the buff the enemy jungler isn't taking and proceed to clear the jungle until he comes over and I would either try to kill him or run away and take the crab or gank. For the rest of the game I would regularly invade the enemy jungle trying to set him behind as much as i can and support my laners. Just to make it clear, I only do the strat when I'm premade or my adc agrees to do it to not ruin someones game. I was experimenting and thinking and came up with this: Is there a way to make this strategy work in an elo higher than gold and if yes how? Should I maybe forget about this and play normal?
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