Imagine the Rift with no summoner spells.

This is something that has been mulling over in my head recently and I've come to realise exactly how much of an impact they have on this game. A part of me would be interested in seeing a game mode with no summoner spells, even though I know that would never happen, it's part of what makes League unique. But just think about it. {{summoner:4}} : Champions without a gap closer would be played so much less, their players needing so much more macro. It's a staple for nearly every champion, whether it allows you to get away, get that last auto, get close enough to use a skill to save an ally. It's a 5 minute play-making cooldown. {{summoner:14}} : Now this is the one I think would be the most interesting if removed. No longer can you rely on getting your damage kind of okay and ignite doing the rest. You can't fade away as Zed. your ultimate popping and them being left on 100 health and dying to ignite. You can't tower dive as easily without this, you can't secure kills as easily. Champions that use healing in some form actually require to be built against more rather than being ignited for a few seconds to stop their sustain, thus securing the kill. No longer can you perform an amazing dive to only be killed after by ignite, netting them shutdown gold. There is so much that this can do that I think that along with flash, if these two summoners never existed that the Rift would be entirely different. You would have to rely on exact calculations of your champions damage, not with these backups. You are truly limited by your champion, your pick becomes more strategic. {{summoner:3}} : Exhaust is an interesting one. If someone is ahead they become all the more deadly. You can no longer slow down that champion that bought boots before you did, allowing you to get away. {{summoner:11}} : ... Basically the entire jungle. You get the gist by now. I'm just wondering what are everyone else's thoughts? How do you think it would impact meta? Would you be interested in seeing a game mode like it?
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