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Hello there. My idea is to remove level system. Who needs it? It only makes problem. 1st case - MM balance. You have maybe 200 people 10-20 lvl, maybe 200 people 20-30. I can bet, that at least 80% of them are smurfs silv-diam. And look on MM balance. Even when this is pure smurf game (that is really rarely) you have silvers compared to diams. But the most of times it is like 4 smurfs and one newbie, who want to uninstal game coz he is 0/30 (just newbie) playing with smurfs.... Disaster 2nd case - Runes, Masteries. Why when playing lowlevel you have blocked masteries and runes? There are champions that have fully potential depending on masteries + runes. 3rd case - Just FFS its disaster to level up a new account... it takes too long time, even with boosters. I know you want to limit smurfing in league - its right, smurfs are destroying this game. But removing level system, you wont have smurfs. It is much easier to balance MM when everyone is same level and the stupid number doesnt limit you. Its much easier to balance same level same like rankeds and these 10 first matches. 4th case - The world changes, the game should also. No levels = more potential customers, less people frustrated to level again after ban. 5th - most important. Those GOD DAMN BAD bots leveling accounts on ARAM, 3v3, and AI games. Jesus Christ this is plague. Completely disaster. Just think about it, the profit is real.
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