Champions And Consistency (Riot Please Read)

I posted this in EUW and am going to post it here for more exposure. This is one of the most annoying things in League Of Legends as Riot knows about it but isn't really fixing it (well sort of), This is the consistency of the game from one champion to the next. --- **What Am I Talking About?** With league of legends, the game is never consistent from champion to another champion, one of the key examples is: abilities hitting after flash on some champion but not others, this is a big issue as it changes from champion to champion and Riot clearly knows how to fix it as they will often do it when they do a big change to champions when they get buffed or nurfed. Some of the major issues are with certain champion interactions with abilities, the major offender with this is Jax (So is Fiora W, Patheon Passive, or Blind Effects), who's E ability says "For up to 2 seconds, Jax dodges all basic attacks and takes 25% less damage from area of effect abilities." Now you would think this means if anyone AA's you, you will block the attack right? Well what about on hit effect AA abilities, how are these meant to interact? * Do you block just the AA part but take the on hit damage. * Do you block the AA and the on hit is not consumed till an AA that hits. * Do you block both the AA and on hit taking no damage. * Do you block spells with on hit effects. Ezreal Q (You do BTW, more consistently than AA on hits) * Etc, etc, etc. Video of most but not all the interactions. Big Reddit Discussion You can see where im going, if you play Jax you have no idea when going vs one champion to the next on how this will work and how it will interact. --- **Why Is It Bad?** So as a player this is very very very annoying as there is no clear pattern or consistency and the clarity of the game is, to quote Riot: > "The job of clarity is to refine knowledge such that both parties can make intelligent choices. If one player makes a fatal error (either due to a lack of knowledge or mechanical skill), they should lose due to their opponent's superior skill, not the inconsistency of a game rule (that all particles accurately represent their hitboxes)." Which is clearly an important aspect for Riot, so could we have a small group of Riots balance team that whole job is to go from champion to champion and check for these consistency, then make sure that all interactions are working correctly, make a note of this, then have the whole balance team fixes these over time (think texture update style, patch after patch). This would vastly improve the game and make it feel much better to play and you can then feel confident going from champion to champion, not felling like the game is unfair, where your champion can flash away and still get hit by there ability, while if its the opposite way round your ability gets cancelled (This is what is meant to happen BTW). --- **Conclusion** I know that this would take some time and effort but it would be really nice to actually have this done so the game fells much more consistent and clear, weather your playing jax, teemo, garen, firoa, etc. Just by having a small team to make notes and identify all the issues and bugs facing each and every champion, it would then allow for the slow and gradual improvement of all the champions in the game to be at a consistent standard, to stop confusion in the game when going from one champion to the next, there will obviously be some big jobs, such as Jax as stated above, but when it is all done it would vastly improve the feel of the game and make it much, much nicer to play for all players. Finally, Riot it would be nice to have it so that all the champions could be made to feel confident with, that I can go from champion A to B and be 100% sure that an ability will work in this way and not worry about the game screwing me over, it would take a long time but it would be worth it in the end, for a more consistent feeling game that is clear to its players. --- **TL;DR** Depending on the champion being played, they will interact differently to each other when they shouldn't, e.g. abilities hitting after flash etc. It would be nice if Riot could go through and make change to make the game and all the champions much more consistent.

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