Normal games are just not fun anymore because of Matchmaking...

I was in silver 1 last season and play league casually. It's "just a game" for me and I play just to have a blast with it. The feeling of an equally matched team where everyone has to work together and secure objectives is a really nice feeling for me. That being said... in the past 10-20 games, all I have been facing are diamonds and plats and high gold whereas my team is completely silver to low gold. I absolutely don't mind being matched against high level opponents but we get demolished because of one player who becomes the single factor in controlling the outcome of the game. However, there are times when the opposite happens and there is a diamond on my team. In which case again the game becomes one sided and there is just no fun playing it because I don't matter anymore and the guy who is 12/0 has already reached the nexus tower at the 15 minute mark... The closest to evenly matched I get is in ranked, but it isn't the same because I want to try new roles, new champions new builds etc. *I want to have fun experimenting* I don't want to inflict all of that noise in ranked. If this was a one off thing, I'd just grin say "unlucky" and let it pass, but it has been happening way too consistently. Having any semblance of an evenly matched normal game is some sort of a rare dream. I don't want to play my main champions and main roles all the time, I want to be able to try adc and not face a Diamond 2 Lucian main. People say that they consider it a great opportunity to face a higher leveled opponent. I can't consider myself to be one of those masochists. A higher elo player understands how to press advantages, once they are 2-3 lvls and 2 items above everyone else on the team, there is just no learning anymore. At which point the entire atmosphere within my game and with my team mates becomes negative and toxic because they all feel helpless. I too become a victim of being negative stemming from being absolutely helpless about our situation I really try to keep my team mates calm and cheer them up to try hard and have fun, but they pretty much say "what's the point ? we are going to lose cause they are better anyway, lets just move to the next" I understand that I can always be better, I should learn to carry and all that good advice. But at that point, the game isn't a game any more for me. It isn't fun or re-creational, it's something I have to learn and hone and become better at and till I do that, I have no right to complain. I just can't play league for fun anymore.... I don't know how. It's either be serious and keep playing your main roles or gtfo.

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