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So I'm creating this post, because after talking with the Support squad they said "we can't do anything anyway, so go to boards and MAYBE someone will fix the problems you're talking about", which was kinda weird, since they're actually working for Riot, so I thought that they can communicate between the departments. But OK, time to make some noise on the boards as well, and if you, the community, can help, maybe we'll see some changes in the game. Let's start with the little things, the BUGS. 1. Olaf's R, Ragnarok - whenever Olaf, with any skin, activates his ultimate, there's a chance that after the ability expires, its VFX's won't, making it hard to determine when he activates it next time. I'm talking about Olaf glowing orange for half the game for no reason. The bug's been on live servers for quite some time, reported many times by me and probably quite a few other players, with no fix or even a promise of one. 2. Irelia's E, Flawless Duet - whenever Irelia, with any skin, uses that ability, the chain that links her blades and is supposed to represent hitbox of the ability, appears slightly ABOVE the actual hitbox, making everyone who relies on their eyes unsure if targets get hit or not until the last moment. Again, the bug's been on live servers for quite some time, reported many times by me and probably quite a few other players, with no fix or even a promise of one. 3. Warwick's death sound, with any skin, is far too loud. It overpowers all other SFX's to the point of being painful to the eardrums. I've notived the bug during the MSI patch, reported it many times, as probably quite a few other players have. Again, with no fix or even a promise of one. 4. Blitzcrank's E, Power Fist - when used against invulnerable target (Zhonya/Stopwatch effect, Bard's R, Fizz's E, Vladmir's W, etc.) during first few frames of said invulnerability, target not only receives damage and is visually Knocked Up, but when the effect isn't Stasis (item or Bard's R), the Knock Up breaks the duration of invulnerability. Bug's been on live servers for several months, completely ignored and with zero promise of a fix. Next item on my list, the BLOCK SYSTEM. (I apologize in advance for the amounts of salt in the following paragraphs, but the number of games ruined because of this features is too big for me.) In the current state, block system works terribly. If you block a player, you won't see their messages - they won't be able to PM you, stuff they type in champion select and post-game screens will be hidden from you. BUT, everything they type DURING THE GAME will remain UNBLOCKED. This wasn't the case some time ago. I have no idea when this changed, but it was definitely change for the worse. Beforehand there used to be situations where someone typed something along the lines of "why are you so toxic?", which lead to me pressing TAB and seeing that one or more players has been chat blocked and sighing with relief that I don't have to see their crap. Nowadays I see their shitflood as a whole, I /mute them in game with a reminder in the back of my head to block them after the match, and surprise surprise, they already are. Sure, sometimes people deserve second, or even third chance. But after I block someone n-th time in a row, AND REPORT THEM for being nuclear waste level toxic, I really expect not to see their accounts being used, let alone seeing their messages in-game ever again. I could write a whole "phonebook" of players, who use various types of profanity, from standard cussing, through the use of diacritic signs from several languages to "self-censor" themselves and avoid the algorithm, to literally telling everyone to kill themselves for several games in a row - all without a single punishment. And yet, when I put them on my block list, it means I'm stil going to see what they're doing when I get matchmade with or against them again. And finally, everyone's favorite, balance issues. Now, I know, everyone has something they hate. An item (example - Hourglass), a champion (example - Teemo), a class (example - assassins)... the list goes on. BUT, I'm gonna do my best to restrain my personal bias in the matters I'm about to describe. 1. For the lack of better terms, you're gonna have to excuse the harshness of my language - heal/shield-sluts. We all know the type - Janna/Lulu/Soraka/etc. players, who just stand three kilometers behind the actual game, yet still manage to win, because they press one button whenever it's off cooldown. **Why is it bad?** Both Riot and most of the community is AGAINST passive gameplay. We're playing League of Legends, ffs. A game that's supposed to check dexterity, decision making and teamwork, not if you can set your E to auto-click itself every 5 seconds! Players who "main" these type of "champions" are usually displaced when it comes to their in-game division and actual skillset. Their situation literally asks to use the term "boosted MMR", since more often than not, they have a chosen duo partner, who does everything for them in exchange for permanent shield or continuous heals, hence the term "heal/shield-slut" - do one thing that would be dishonorable to a player with any sense of self-respect, in exchange for LP. **So how do we fix it?** First of, the "heal & shield power" stat - huge mistake. I'm not saying that these items should be completely removed; Redemption has an interesting idea behind it, Ardent had it's impact on the game (a way too significant, may I add) but is RELATIVELY harmless on it's own atm, and Mikael is considered a worse version of QSS, thus rarely build at all. The problem is, they don't force support player to participate in the game and actually buff passive aspects of their playstyle (heal/shield on cooldown, and since all these items grant CDR, heal/shield more than enemy team can output). BUT, one support item has done it right. Not perfectly, but the idea is good. Athene's Unhloy Grail. Whenever it's owner deals damage, it builds charges, that enchance next heal or shield used on an ally. This REALLY promotes active playstyle for supports, not "heal & shield power for no reason", but "you've gotta work for it if you don't want to be useless". 1.1 Yuumi - the heal-slut in prime. She's so passive, that Vandiril (and probably few other LoL tubers at this point) took on a challenge of playing one man botlane with two accounts! Can't even be prevented from cancelling your team's damage, because she's untargetable while doing so. **Why is it bad?** The only counterplay against supports of this type, is taking them down before they start spamming their 800 strength shield with 6 seconds of duration and 5.5 seconds cooldown (looking at Janna and Lulu), or at least stunning them for a second on two, to have a chance at killing the damage dealers. Yuumi does NOT offer such counterplay, and since it's the ONLY option, there is NO COUNTERPLAY AT ALL. This means that if you can't do enough damage to take care of DPS's healthbar AND Yuumi's healing (which she has 2 charges, may I add), but just DPS's HP, you're not gonna do your job at all. **So how do we fix it?** I suggest that the hardest of crowd control effects (like knock-up or knock-back, maybe even surpress and stun) should kick Yuumi out of it's host and make her targetable until she presses W again. This could be prevented with a spell shield, so buying Banshee's Veil instead of terribly designed "heal & shield power" items would be a good item path for her, and that would also increase her overall survivability thanks to the bonus MR from said item, profiting Yuumi players. 2. There's too much CDR in the game. Few seasons ago, if you wanted to get even 30% CDR in your itemization, it was more likely than not be a significant blow into your other stats you should focus on (whether it was AP, resistances, health... good AD + CDR build was almost an impossibility). And these were all full items, costing about 3000 gold each (with boots being obvious exception). Nowadays you can get up to 10% CDR per level, runes like Cosmic Insight to increase your cap by another 5%, Ultimate Hunter and Presence of Mind to spam your ultimates, a great deal of CDR items granting almost any statistic you might need, and to top that off, if you plan to overcap your CDR limit, you can pick Transcendece to turn that into more damge. **Why is it bad?** I'd rather not use too specific examples, but this one's way too obvious - Riven. Back in season 3 you had to really push yourself, to get 20% CDR from AD items and still remain relevant. You COULD throw CDR boots into this and more often than not add some runes, but all of that was in exchange for doing way less damage with a single combo AND being relatively squisher, especially without tenacity from Mercury's Threads. Nowadays? Claufield's Warhammer for a later Death's Dance, CDR boots, and Kindlegem for either Black Cleaver or Spear of Shojin - 30% for a total of 2.8k gold, so the cost of 10% CDR item "back in the old days". Sure, they grant less stats in total, but when you upgrade these components into full fledged items, you not only get much more than the old standard build could ever offer thanks to the passives of DD and Spear, when you add Conqueror's healing and Tenacity from the Legend rune, old Riven, even with full EQ, could only dream of beating you. And that's after the recent "nerfs". The list of overuse of CDR just goes on and Riven's simply an example. One of the biggest examples. Other champions on the list are: heal/shield-sluts mentioned earlier, Trinity Force users (yeah, it used to have ZERO CDR), mages that HAD TO choose between Morellonomicon and Athene for 20% CDR while now they can get anything that grants AP at random and reach at least 30%, Tryndamere who now has access to 40% CDR with Spear and Essence Reaver (both being quite situational, but still reducing his ult cooldown from 110/100/90 to 66/60/54 seconds, and we all know how unpleasant that ability is), Lucian, Yi, Renekton, Fiora, Jax, etc. with Spear (and occasional Essence Reaver for the first one)... it really goes on, and that's not even considering EVERY tank item with Magic Resist, even though ONLY Spirit Visage has CDR component. **So how do we fix it?** Rip out CDR from the items. Literally as simple and blatant as that. Main contestants for these changes are (in my opinion): 10% from Stinger family tree, 10% from Shurelya (build path changed from Kindlegem to Giant's Belt or 2 Ruby Crystals), 10% from Twin Shadows (build path changed from Fiendish Codex to Blasting Wand), 10% from Adaptive Helmet, 10% from Warmog's Armor (build path changed from Kindlegem to second Crystaline Bracer), 10% from Zhonya's Hourglass (Fiendish Codex removed from build path), 10% from The Black Cleaver, 10% from Essence Reaver. Of course, price adjustments would be in order here and there, but most of these items give more than they're worth anyway, so they shouldn't get too cheap. _Sidenote_ Adjusting CDR and removing "heal & shield power" stat would provide more diveristy in support builds, forcing them to make decisions - do they want CDR from Redemption and Ardent, or do they want more AP for stronger heals and shields (and also some damage), greatly fixing balance problem #1 of this thread. 3. Toplane has become a wastedump for champions, who "don't fit their roles ANYMORE". Or rather "were too good in roles they were designed for, got balanced for that positions, and someone noticed they still shit on toplaners most of the time". I'm talking about all the mages (Vladimir, Kennen, Heimerdinger, Swain, Cassiopeia, Viktor, Ryze [although the latter 3 have returned where they came from for the most part]) that ~~win~~ stomp the lane 99% of the time just because they're ranged; I'm talking about Jayce whose poke and burst better suits midlane, but since midlaners can retaliate at range, he's picked toplane for the same reason said mages are; I'm talking about Tahm Kench who "is no longer a viable support, cause you can't run away with 500 MS and half-dead carry in your belly anymore", but retained unusually high armor and objectively exaggerated damage "to compensate for the lack of aggresive support in lane" and both poke and burst resistance thanks to his E passive/active respectively, making him have virtually over 200% of his healthbar. Toplane has enough balance issues on it's own, like Irelia, Akali, Riven... **Why is it bad?** It kills versatility. Champions I've mentioned win great majority of matchups, just because they weren't designed for toplane and aren't balanced around toplane. They're balanced around their primary role (mostly midlane), which has nothing to do with them shitting on melee champions with little to none burst potential "just because". **But mages MUST be viable toplane** Is the argument I've heard several times, to which I ask - why? They have their own niche at midlane, which they share only with Zed, Talon and Yasuo, who have nowhere else to go while remaining relevant (maybe with a slight exception to the last one). Mages migrating to other roles and dominating them has happened before. Picks like Morgana, and later Annie, Brand, Zyra, Vel'Koz, etc. became viable supports, BUT Riot gave classic supports "heal & shield power" items (terrible solution, but a solution nontheless) and tank supports received items like Knight's Vow and health scaling on Locket of the Iron Solari. At some point Riot gave Zyra and Morgana few tweaks "with hope they'll be viable jungle picks" - thank god it didn't work out as intended; they're ok, they're playable, but they didn't dominate the role. But I'm pretty sure that if they did, more and more mages would be forcepushed into jungle for no reason. The hell, mages even dominated botlane CARRY role for a moment, and Riot released a fix NEXT PATCH, because ADC's weren't viable anymore. TL;DR When mages went botlane, they got balanced (directly or indirectly) around botlane. When they go toplane, they're allowed to do whatever they want. By making midlaners viable toplane, toplaners stop being viable at all. **You're overreacting, just another hashinshin wannabe** I agree that Hash's opinions can be controversive, but he's the only voice toplaners have atm. When something goes wrong for the ADC's, reddit gets overspammed and issue gets fixed ASAP; when something goes wrong for tanks, Rioters themselves notices the problem, cause they love the class (a bit too much) and want to make it a necessity more than a choice; when things go wrong for mages, they get overbuffed and dominate 4 out of 5 roles in the game; when something is against classic toplaners... "Well, shit mate. Not my problem." is said, and fix may or may not happen, with the second option happening ALMOST every time. **So how do we fix it?** Solution I propose is VERY radical, but when nerfing several champions to the "caster minion" level is the only alternative, I think it's at least worth reading. Gates that would prevent any champion with range over 430 units from entering the lane. Barrier would break once the average level of all players becomes 6, and would allow enter to ranged champions who have complete Smite item (not necessarily enchanted, just blue/red smite). This would allow Urgot and Gnar (at least until his level 6 - hence the level timer on the barriers) to still play toplane (since they were designed for the lane, even though they are kinda problematic at times; they're still better to deal with than picks mentioned earlier) and even let Graves in. Champions with alternating range because of their form changing ultimates (Elise, Nidalee, Jayce) would be "judged" based on their RANGED form. Thgey would be unable to enter the lane, since they're designed for other roles (first two being junglers, latter two being midlaners), while champions with TEMPORARY buffs to their range (Poppy, Rengar, Kayle) would be allowed in. As for Tahm Kench, whose damage is too high for his tankiness, he needs a dedicated in-the-face nerf. Personally I'd strike his passive and W damage, at least for now, and see where that leads. Removing flat damage from Regurgitate (the part where he swallows his enemy and then spits him out, dealing already massive %HP damage) could be a good start, since apart from 5-13% MAX hp of the target, it also deals 100-240 flat damage, which is kinda disgusting for a tank (roughly 350 total damage at level 9, if maxed, accounting average resistances and bonus health from standard toplane items; and that's just one ability). As I said, this solution is highly controversial. I did have some other ideas (for example damage reduction based on range difference, but we all know how much spaghetti gets into the code with such things), but ultimately I think this is a proper solution, at least until the problematic champions get balanced around toplane if "they MUST be viable toplane" for no other reasons. I'm open for discussion. If we make some traffic in this thread, there's the 1% chance that someone from Riot actually notices it, and then there's 0.5% of said 1% that they'll do something about at least one of te touched topics.
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