Unbalanced Champs

Before reading, i am very sorry about my english spelling. Okay guys, i dont usualy write anything on this forum, because im just a guy playing this game not very offten, i just dont have enough time. But i must come clean, the past few months i have played intensive and have progressed in my ranked score board, but the point of this message is because i have ran into a huge obstacle for my progression. The so coled champ Yasuo, i do not understand why does riot even consider puting that kind of abilities and so small cd´s on such powerful combinations, the champ is so strong that only even 3 kills is enough to cose so much dmg on 6 lvl that it putes out even thinking to go 3v1 on him, because if the Yasuo has any skilles, he can kill them all and stay on half of hp..(i am telling this because i have tried playing yasuo and i got so feeded that the team surendered at 20 minutes, THE FIRST TIME WITH HIM...).. 15 minutes ago, i have played Vayne and with so much effort i had successfully gain a score of 6/1 and i think 100 farm at the 15 minute of the game, it was very hard because of the low hp at the beginning and alot of other flaws that we are all fumiliar with. Despite my effort, the Yasuo in the enemy team, witch had a lower kill rate and lower farm, and he even wasnt so skilled (i have seen better) he literally raped me with his blade in the team fight. I thought, well the team helped him so he got lucky, its ok, we got this. The minutes that followed were so heartbreaking and disappointing in riot that i was just standing and watching how unbalanced they had made this game, the new generation of champions, from Darius and up( i call them new generation because i am an old LOL player that played since the begining of the 1th session, who ever played this game from then knows what am i talking about), are not balanced in relation to the old champs like Ashe, Cho'Gath, Anivia, Mordekaiser, Nidalee, Tryndamere, Sivir, Warwick and the rest. Even at one point, i really dont know how, we did alot of dmg and stuns to him (ofcorse he was still alive because hes Yasuo) so he was on 150 hp or a bit higher (34 minute of the game, 1 hit and its over right?) he somehow managed to throw hes ult on someone, i was right there in the range to kill him with Vayne, i counted how many times i had strike him, it was 3, while he was in hes ult i strike 3 times at him, but he wasnt getting the dmg!! At that moment i have raged and have broken my keybord (im writing on the old one now) and just went outside to smoke a cigarete, because he ended the game at that point... Riot, if you put an unbalanced hero in the game, at least dont make him imortal in some points of the game, dont make it so easy for him to get feeded, unleast put a cd of 1 sec on hes dash spell ( e ), do something just dont make him so strong that he can dash and q and dash and q every 1 sec, it is realy to much. At the 20 minute of the game, i died 3 times because a wave of minions passed by in that moment. I've had this in my mind about Yasuo that he has to get nerfed for a long time, i know that Yasuo players will say that hes very hard and needs skill to be strong, but guys i played him, 1 game and i got feeded, the first time i played him guys, i even didnt have a problem casting the spells fast, and it was so easy. You only need to have nice mouse movement and know where you are at witch point of the team fight, the rest is just q e q e ( w in some point) then tornado (more dmg) then ult then again e and q and e and q, i can literally hit my head on the keyboard and the effect will be the same. Please leave comment so i can see what the rest of you think about my proposal to nerf that champ just a bit.. Ty for reading.

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