Why do people hate Dynamic Queue so much?

As the title states, why do people hate it so much? My games as a solo queuer hasn't really changed since season 3. Like do you feel it's unfair that you get people who actually play as a team in a team game or like despise riot is promoting communication? Solo queue was a simple system that simply threw you in a 5v5 with no synergy. Everyone was either with the meta or out of the meta. And now Riot has given you the opportunity to either go alone or go with any number of people you want to. Do you despise that Riot wants you guys to play as a team or something? Like I don't get the hate. League has always been a team game above all else. Isn't this like the natural progression? To be able to form teams from duo to trio to quad to all 5? I didn't hate solo queue. And I don't hate Dynamic queue. Because frankly,neither of them really change the core of my experience. I had a set of 4 players with me and 5 against me. And I had to find a way to beat them with the 4 players I had. It was frustrating as hell back then and it still is to co-ordinate because I play it casually and didn't duo as much. And I still don't. And it still doesn't change a thing for the solo players. What I do think is really causing people the itch is riot changed the system of matching but didn't change the system of rating. So people are stating that its unfair that people are able to influence their solo performance or rating even without it being their own. I do think riot needs to implement a system which says your solo performance is like this but emphasis that it doesn't matter in games as much as the team play does so people still get to show off their individuality which solo querers are so proud off but other than that,I just see this system as the proper system for a game like league.

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