Caitlyn as lower Elo ADC

Whenever someone Bronze or Silver (maybe low Gold) asks what ADCs you'd recommend them, Caitlyn often comes up. For obvious reasons, her high range makes her safe in lane and teamfights, she got traps that, if put some thought into placement, make laning even safer, mobility + slow and her ult makes her not need to chase low life enemies. Noone can deny that it's easy to play and survive with her. But even then... is it good to recommend her in such cases? Those Players usually look for an ADC they can carry with. And how do you carry with Caitlyn? In comparison with most other ADCs Caits teamfight damageoutput is horrible. Ofc, surviving is easy, and you will deal more dmg than when you get caught, but when we talk about carrying we assume you are not planning on making mistakes either way. To carry with Caitlyn, you need to get ahead in lane. Not a 1-0 or 2-0 ahead, but a enemy ADC can't CS without dying ahead. This actually isn't that easy to pull of, as Caitlyn you need to AA almost every second, if not to lasthit, then to harras. You can't just sit back and farm up like most ADCs will do, you need to stomp that lane, and end the game asap! At least that's my opinion. I'd like to hear yours, is Caitlyn easy to *carry* with? Or not?

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