Need tips, moving from tank Jungle to a more offesnive Jungle

Hello ladies and gents, Basically I main jungle (and support if jungle taken) and I tend to have a preference to tanky junglers - Gragas, WW (on tank build), Maokai, Cho'Gath {{champion:31}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:57}} . I find them very fun and great for my play stile as I love being at the heart of the battle, head on and coming out of nowhere to be sustainable In a battle. I have found, however that playing more offensive junglers - Kha'Zix, Ww (offensive), Shaco, Kayn {{champion:121}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:141}} (in particular as I am learning him now) I seem to die a lot more. I do tend to be more cautious, understanding that I am not going in with 200 armour and 4k HP, but still kind get a more 10-7, 10-5 (if not some horrible losses, which out of self-respect I will not mention :D), while even with full tank with my "tank" junglers are more 15-3, 10-2, etc. any advice? tips? tricks? play style difference? Or is it just down to experience? Thanks, P.S. I am more than open to try any particular jungle champions you might suggest would fit both or be easier, as I have 12k IP that I can't spend anywhere anyway :) N
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