I just started playing LoL again, and...

Havent played in a while, and came back recently just to find out, that you CUT OFF PANTHEON'S BALLS, YOU BASTARDS ! YOU UNMANNED MANTHEON ! HOW COULD YOU?! HOW, I ASK THEE AND IN MY DISTRESS I TRY TO COMPREHEND THE SITUATION, BUT IT'S ALL IN VAIN. WHYYYYYYyyyyyy.... *sob* whyyy..... you bastards.... *brush away tears* He used to be so manly. Oh i remember the happy times when i jumped in and bursted tons of damage. With our manly buttcheeks we, he and i, could overcome every opponent. It was not the question WHETHER my enemy will lay defeated before me, but rather WHEN. Even the mightiest foe would fall before our manliness. And now.. this piece of shit. I do not recognize him anymore. His way of war are forever lost, the mighty spear is dull and his glory is gone. You will be missed, Damage bursting squishy. <3 See you in VALHALLAAAAAAAAAAAA *outcry*
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