I know i often sound stupid, and most of the time i'm wrong, but i really made some calculations regarding the champion Katarina. I started adding up the most so considered 'op' champions like yasuo, teemo, katarina, and so on, and played i big number of games with or against them. I had a recent match, playing against katarina, knowing pretty much everything about her skills, and how she might think, and i lost obviously, that player had more skill than i did. But i found out something really op about katarina. From what i experienced before, Yasuo is the king of mobility, Ziggs is the king of poke, Gangplank king of lategame, but katarina has all these individual advantages gruoped up. Decent poke, big lategame damage and way too much mobility. I mean Yasuo can only cast e on minions, katarina can cast it on anything exept terrain, and cooldown resets after picking up a dagger right? So the conclusion is, katarina is way too mobile to be able to deal with her 1v1, with any champ at all. Of course she is assasin, so expecting high potential from her, but i still recommend nerfing only her e, somehow not to abuse it on every single unit on the map, maybe being able to use only on daggers, or i don't know, just that she's too mobile, i personally was never able to win a lane against her, every single time diving under tower and getting out by making a large gap with 2 shunpo's from under my tower, out to the lane, and i'm still practicing hoping that i might find a way to outplay her, but yet i have no other solution then trying my luck posting a topic here. Of course nobody has to agree with me, it's my own suggestion, maybe there is a better way to solve this problem. Thanks in advance!
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