Aatrox, a Shuriman ascended(?)

As far as I understand from the new lore update, Aatrox, along with the other Darkin, originate from Shurima and were previously ascended? This raises a few questions. Like why don't they look Shuriman at all? Yes, I get that they were sealed in their weapons and blah blah... But nothing about them says Shurima, not even their weapons. A great sword, a scythe and a bow? Doesn't really communicate Shurima to the audience. But my biggest question is --_again_-- why does Aatrox have an accent? No other Shuriman has an accent like Aatrox, no other ascended has an accent like Aatrox, and no other Darkin has an accent like Aatrox. Heck, no one else in the whole champion pool, except for Fiora, have an accent like Aatrox. I understand RIOT's reason for giving Fiora the accent, giving the feel and aesthetic of a noble French duelist, but what's the deal with Aatrox having one? Are we supposed to feel like he's an angry, loud French/Russian man? ___________________ Then we have the story about how he's a prisoner, and he's on a quest to destroy everything in hope that that might finally end his suffering; his fear of returning back to his prison (his weapon) is so great that he would destroy the whole world in hopes that that would also destroy him. He prefers death over going back into the weapon. The other Darkin should have an idea of what that's like, since they also are in the same bowl. But Aatrox has no interaction with the other Darkin related to this matter. To them being prisoners in their weapons, having to feast on flesh in desperation to stay out of their confinement. Instead Aatrox apparently has some "joke" **taunts** interactions with them, which should just be in the /joke command. __________________ Anyway, I am running short on time right now so I'll leave it here. What are your thoughts on Aatrox's, and the Darkin's, new lore and how it's reflected in the game?
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