Talking about Elo hell

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If Elo Hell truly exists how can it be that I could come back from Bronze 3 to Platin 4 in a mere 2 months? People who cry about shitty teams are usually the garbage in them. Maybe not always but I can guarentee 99% of them are complete garbage. With this I want to put an end to the people who cry about flamers and feeders tilting them which results them to have a bad game aswell and use that as an excuse for their bad stats in After seeing this I hope you arrogant and blind garbage players can stfu. Also to show how retarded this community is in this low-elo. While playing from low bronze to this point I had games where players would tell me I was losing their games, even in bronze and silver. These retards would tell me that I was boosted(yes I even heard this one in bronze). It amazes me how people like this can even write, considering their mental level of thinking. I was able to go through the biggest garbage teams every game but still had a consistently high winrate. So you should be able to do the fucking same? no?
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