Im happy with ARURF coming But...

Captured with Lightshot
I cant undrestand why you never brought back the original URF,i mean there are people who like pizza with pineapple and people who like pizza with anchovies,people that like Mercedes and people who like BMW,people who like Jeeps and people who like Sports Cars,people who like LOL and people who like Dota,people who enjoy playing LOL with friends and those who enjoy playing it alone. Anyone got a problem with people who like different things?. So why did you remove URF and gave us ARURF? CANT YOU SEE that there are people who enjoy URF and people who enjoy ARURF? I dont have problem with ARURF,its like my second favorite gamemode (first being URF) but why take away something and replace it with something else? What you found it unhealthy because people picked the most OP picks? Like EVERY OTHER GAMEMODE? Even on normals people pick the most OP picks,even with the "10" bans they still manage to play something OP,so what,the solution to this is taking it away and making it random? I would really like to see some justice here,I dont know how difficult it is but since you made Overcharge (which i hated and so did all of my friends and thank god you added the 30sec surrender since we only played for the missions) im pretty sure you can revive the original URF and throw it at the RGM.Make it like one week ARURF and one week URF? Make it two weeks URF and two ARURF? And you cant say that you shouldnt do it since its like the same gamemode (no need to remind you that we already have a Legend of the poro king which is the same as ARAM) and if you disagree on that then URF is not the same as ARURF. Thats all i hope i get feedback from you guys and RIOT as well Happy holidays!
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