I WILL NOT TAKE THIS SHIT A SINGLE GAME MORE! I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS! WHAT DAFAQ ARE YOU THINKING, THAT I DO NOT GANK ON PRINCIPLE, OR BECAUSE I HATE YOU? The fact that you have been ganked does not give you ANY right to flame ANYONE! Have you asked yourself a question "why is their jungler ganking and my guy is not?". Did you ever, ever think about a possibility, that your lane presents good ganking opportunities for the enemy team, and not the best for you (usual stuff- wards, pushing, available CC, staying on low health)? Holy fuck, i am a plat jungler, i did not find my account in the pack of Lay's. I have my eyes constantly open for ganking opportunities. FFS if this jungle Warwick ganks you pre6 and gets a double kill, it is not him who is a great jungler (altough kudos for him for seeing an opportunity), not because i suck, THIS IS A FUCKUP OF A LANER. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIS! Every time i play jungle and either I outgank the enemy jungler or the other way around it is rarely due to superior jungling skills. IT IS BECAUSE ONE OF US GOT GANK WINDOWS HANDLED ON A SILVER PLATTER AND THE OTHER ONE DID NOT! (lungs status: deflated. vent successful)
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