Wanted a Hauntling or a Furyhorn but instead got two SAME COLOR SILVERWINGS!

I'm actually super pissed off. I bought RP to get two Little Legends eggs and was actually prepared that there's a possibility for me to have bad luck and would get two different colors of a Silverwing. But only after opening the second egg I realized that there's actually three different 'levels' for every color since I got the second version of a Rosebloom Silverwing. This was not mentioned anywhere as far as I know. You couldn't even see the levels until you got your first Little Legend! I feel like I got scammed since the probability to get the Little Legend I wanted was even smaller than I originally thought. EDIT: There's actually mentioned "...Each egg will get you a new variant or will level up a variant you already own..." BUT it's right in the middle of the wall of text. It also doesn't change the fact that having different levels for the variants is just a stupid money grab tactic.

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