A second look on Karma

_TL;DR IN THE FIRST COMMENT!_ My [first post](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/agI4nqvk-an-indepth-look-on-karmas-problems-and-possible-solutions) didn’t do too well, mainly because I rambled too much. I’ll try to be a bit more precise this time. Main point is: _I love playing Karma, but I think there are severe problems with her, that keep her from being competitive_ **KARMA FACTS** _NOTE: The stats adress plat+ players in ranked (champion.gg at 5.19)_ > **COMPETITIVE:** Karma has the 4th worst winrate (46%) out of ALL champions on probuilds.net (beating {{champion:223}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:75}} ). > **MID** Your winrate on Karma drops drastically in the first 50 games played and slowly crawls back to a winrate of around 50% after about 125 games... That is lower than her initial winrate (~54%). > **MID:** The only categories she is somewhat good in are: „low amount of deaths“ and „assists“. However, she gets beaten in those categories by the other Mage/Supports {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} . Actually, in nearly all categories. > **SUPPORT:** Karma has one of the worst winrates (18/25), beating the supports {{champion:432}} {{champion:12}}{{champion:223}}. But all 3 have great options of accidentally helping the enemy team. Thus their winrate drastically increases with games played. Unlike Karma. > **SUPPORT:** Karma has one of the worst overall ratings (20/25), beating {{champion:161}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:20}} and only one true support {{champion:44}} … who is due for a rework. > **SUPPORT:** Karma shines in 2 categories; „Gold earned“ and „damage dealt“. However, the damage of top-damage dealers ({{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:143}}) is ~50% higher (14k vs 21k per game). And having that much gold as a support **but still a horrible winrate** is even worse! I'll try to explain those statistics: **WHY DOES HER WINRATE DROP WITH MORE GAMES PLAYED?** I can only assume it’s due to her kit. It offers no flashy outplay potential and has a lot of counterplay to it. All her damage can be blocked or evaded. She has no instant CC to interrupt other people’s plays. She also can’t jump over walls/abilities. As such, she is more dependent on people not knowing her kit, than she is on mastering it. Another option would be, that good Karma players stop playing her after not too many games. **WHY ISN’T SHE PICKED IN THE COMPETITIVE SCENE?** There is just no reason to pick her. In midlane you need a carry with a lot of damage or kill pressure. If by any chance your team needs utility, Lulu offers way more while still dealing about 2/3rds of Karma's damage (or half of champions like Karthus). There are also better supports for getting picks, dealing damage or protecting your ADC. While Karma might be decent at most of those, once you know what you want, you never end up picking her. **WHY IS SHE NOT PLAYED IN NORMAL GAMES?** She is. But rarely. She is fun and has some dedicated fans. But she gets outclassed in everything, while offering nothing unique to the game. Her kit used to be unique with lvl6 abilities and an ult that changed what her abilities did. Now she is as unique as Heimer - with shields, instead of turrets. The ult just gives you more of the same. Additionally,she is barely played by pros and has about as many impressive "outplay" youtube videos as Taric, so people don’t get motivated to try her. **WHY IS KARMA THE WAY SHE IS?** Karma used to be the symbol of „dualism“, hinting towards yin and yang. Her kit was originally designed for a support that offered offensive and defensive tools, to reflect that. But it failed. She turned into a better top/midlaner, with a toxic and visually unappealing kit and a historically low winrate (a constant 37%). As Riot reworked her, they tried to keep her old flavour, but also added new stuff to it. As a result, Karma's kit is overloaded with a bit of everything at low power. Her kit is more healthy and fair, yes, but her character identity crashed and her gameplay character failed to flesh out. She returned to being a „Jack of all Trades“ character that is called „support“ but ironically has a better winrate as a toplaner. **WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?** An Ashe-sized rework. Changing numbers won't do it. Her ult needs to be unique again, not a Heimer clone. She must offer some utility/outplay potential that can’t be found on other champions or items. She needs hard CC as support and kill pressure as midlaner. You can see my full suggestion in this thread: [FULL KARMA REWORK](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/idvKoyTJ-remastered-full-karma-rework) Short overview: > She passively gets stacks for assists/objectives (2) and kills (1). Every 5 stacks she gains AP per missing% or %CDR. > Her RQ is a stun/damage amplifier. > Her W either heals herself and a minion/ally OR damages a monsters/enemy for a flat amount over 2s and missing%hp after 2s. > If she kills a tethered champion, assisting allies are rewarded with the kill instead. > Her RW shares %received damage with a tethered minion/ally or reflects a % to a tethered monster/enemy. > Her RE increases the shield and damages surrounding enemies. It speeds hit allies and slows hit enemies. > Her R receives the current passive with 2s/1s reduction. > REMOVED: RQ extra-damage, W root, RW heal, RE AoE shield **THIS IS SUPPOSEDLY BETTER?** Her gameplay should stay roughly the same; poke with Q, all-in with RQ, teamfight with RE, counter all-ins with RW... but she gained a lot: * The new passive encourages a leader-like behaviour, which fits her lore. It also improves Karma's mage qualities when supporting, unifying both her roles; good supports turn into useful damage mages, good mages will support the team a lot. * The new W stands for Karma's duality. As a beacon of Ionia, Karma's kit should have a lot of decision making. Knowing when to heal and when to damage/execute is key! Additionally it lets Support-Karma's damage nature stay relevant in lategame, while Mid-Karma gets tools to finish off people. * The new RW actually works with Karma's name. Karma _"harms those that do harm // relives pain of those who suffer"_. Carrying a burden for her people also fits her lore! * The new ults allow more flashy plays, while still needing enough skill to be applied. As all have some damage AND utility properties, every single one has multiple ways of applying it. Knowing which one to use how and when should define good Karma players. Or screw them over. * And lastly, Karma regained some of her old Identity (shieldbomb, ally-tether, heals), while adding some new and unique parts to her kit. **INB4 – Expected Critisism** > _"I think Karma is fine. You just need to learn to play her."_ We are talking about plat+ players and pros. Not about you or me. And over thousands and thousands of games, she just isn't doing good. I pointed out why I think that is. Try to adress my points. > _"Lemon Nation plays her"_ He doesn’t, when he needs to **win**. I too love playing her, but I do better on champions I like/play less. > _"Bjergsen made a PENTA in LCS!!!"_ Karma only got played because Lulu was banned and they wanted a utility midlaner. Bjergsen cleaned up a fight after being ignored for over 20s (!) against a team without tanks. > _"As long as it's not Old Karma, I don't care what you propose!"_ Looking back makes you tend to forget the bad stuff and only miss the good. Old Karma's kit and passive was interesting, but her single spells and overall performance was lacking. Riot will not move backwards. So can we move on please?
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