Hello, Riot! Are you going to do anything with bot infestation?

Cooperative battles are infested with bots. I think this is not secret to anyone. Those bots are easy to recognize, when in game. * They have unintelligible script-generated names, made of uppercase and lowercase english letters, like "oinwUnlkfLnw". * They play extremely badly: farm next to zero, random ability casting, many deaths, zero kills. And even run under turret often. * They often disconnect at random and then come back. * They never ping and never write anything in chat. I know, having those bots in normals would be a worse case, and I know that in coop an occasional AFKer/feeder should not really harm his team, because intermediate bots are not too hard to deal with... but now it came to a point where in coop you play 2 vs 5 (+3 feeders). And recently I had a game of 1 vs 5 (all 4 other 'players' have been just running straight ahead). I think those accs are being levelled to 30 to be sold later to those who want Ranked immediately. And that should be a nice business! A business built on free wins made by honest Summoners, on their effort to carry and spend 5-15 extra minutes every battle to just win. And... Isn't it time to do something about it, hm, Riots? IDK... maybe just ban those botted accs on name change (which is going to happen once acc is sold)? Or maybe even (whoa, unbelievable thing here) start reacting to people's reports? Or just sell the 30-lvl accs from League's shop, if everything else fails. This at least would not ruin cooperative matches for those less experienced (and it is not only me who goes there. It is also every newbie who doesn't know how to play and can't post on boards, too). PS: And what a coincidence! I suddenly see numerous topics of "who is the best champion to level to 30", sprouting here and there.
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