Why are bronze/silver players obsessed with grouping mid?

I played a few normals last night and was paired with mainly silver/bronze players and i was just amazed with all they wanted to do was group and push mid. No im not saying im amazing or so far ahead of them but i at least know there is objectives or 3 lanes. Our side waves were always pushed in but they would always want to go push mid and try and fight them under their tower :S The amount of flame i got for pushing out the side waves as well was crazy, the thing that got me as well is they were underfarmed and underleveled because of this as well. This happened 3 games in a row. Oh they also love to fight over dragon no matter what, one game went on for 45 mins, we lost it at the end because the enemy team went to dragon as 5 to get there second stack, 3 of my teammates ran into the pit to stop them and died. I just dont get that decision making, how could you possible think dragon is so important? especially second stack lol. Anyway semi rant over, just so confused with these guy.
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