Supports, are they worth the gold they breathe?

Imagine gold per 10 items not exisiting. Imagine that you dont get gold per time neither. You only get gold by farming, that's all. I you want your gold you have to farm it. Would it be worth to steal 800g from vayne to give it to nami in order to buy a sighstone? (yes, yes, most OP item in the game blablablabla.... but would it be really worth it? remember that the enemy laner would have a lead of 800g over you since the very moment you do that). After that, steal another 900g from vayne so that nami can buy mobility boots (roaming is important isnt it guys?). Would you do it? Well, I tell you that in that world (no gp10 items, no gold at all if not comming from farm) playing support with one single object would be a reportable offense. Still you would play it, because 1 adc full-farmed + 0g support > 2 adcs half-farmed. Why do I say it? support is a role artificially assisted, they are not worth the gold they earn, and the only reason you have them in your team is because their gold is FREE and "few" is better than "nothing". Appart from that, they should be designed not to use any item. The only reason of their existance is not to use items since items are bought by gold and they are not worth the gold they earn, but that's another story. Now imagine a role that is not allowed to do ANYTHING in the game, and that his only role is not to die and do 1% of the work any other role would do, just because 1% is better than 0%. Do you think that this role is a healthy role? Now, the solution they gave was to give gold FOR FREE to the support, so that he doesnt feel bad. Actually this fix nothing, he's not worth this money. If you could chose whether to spend your money on you or on your teammates, supports would have no items at all anyway, the meta would be "take your money and give it to your adc". Do you think that this is a healthy role? Dammit, and they wonder why there's no man on earth wanting to play that trash. Please, remove this sh+t from the game.
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