First win of the day should be first game of the day

Experience (summoner)
Experience ( XP) is linked to a summoner, and is earned through playing games and sometimes completing missions. Reaching certain amounts of experience increases the summoner's level, up to an infinite amount. At each level up, players receive a reward, most commonly champion capsules which might contain up to 5 champion shards.
Title says it all. I've been playing League, albeit on and off, since season 2. I must admit, I no longer have much time to play. Not as I used to. When I have time for only one single game in the evening, I'd rather play a single game with my friend without the stress of having to win at least one game to win the first win of the day bonus. Sometimes I just sit back and play bots to be sure that I'll have at least that win in the bag. If I could play PvP without the stress of winning that single game, I wouldn't mind testing my luck and playing normal games rather than playing co-op vs AI. The difference in exp between a win and a loss is small, ( assuming a Summoner's Rift 30 minutes game, it's 204,6 for a win vs 167.4 for a loss, W-L=37,2 exp ), but the 400 exp when you first win makes a huge difference, as it nearly triples how much exp you win when you only play one game.
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