Hello community. Im here to Talk about "balanced gameplay" First of i wanne say i realy love league and think its a very nice game. But there Are Some things wich are incredibly stupid in my opinion. And like i said it ia just my opinion,if you think diffrent, feel free to comment. 1.i want to understand why riot keeps nerfing champs who were average and not used that often,while buffing champs who are op. Some good examples for that are riven,fiora,teemo(Satan) and darius. First, riven is Like a tank/dps/Cc/assasin/fighter/Ranged pile of ballancing. I play Some champs wich are perfect against riven, but others are just destroyed. Fiora. Yesterday i was playing against a fiora and i was standing under my tower because i thaught i was save there. I was wrong. She just solo tower dived me. Since i was playing shen i thaunted her so she would get more dmg from the tower. But since beautifuly balanced passive and ult(wich got buffed) Were there she was able to kill me alone and without problems on lvl 7 Tower_diveing_possible_@_6.avi Now lets Talk about Satan and darius. They booth are horribly op in my opinion. Teemo because his poision is so strong in early gane and one autoattack does Deal more damage then your normal attackspell. If you try to Farm you get a dart in your face. If you come to close, dart. Standing under your tower. Dart. And darius is even worse, because every goddamn thing he does make you bleed. He could be standing in base and you bleed. Now lets Talk about his ultimate. Lets face it its a stronger Version of garens ult, with resets. And a bigger range. So olease riot look at your ballancing
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