Ranked Flex

So Riot thinks that Flex is so different that it NEEDS separete MMR rating, so we have FLEX and SOLO/DUO now with separeta MMR ratings. And what happened? FLEX is total cancer as a result, now I'm Gold 5 in Solo/Duo and can't get out of silver in FLEX, I'm playing vs Platinum 2 players from Solo/Duo in Flex mode. The result of separete MMR ratings is that Flex is now used as a pub stomping area for all thsoe high ranked people. Its absolutley trash matchmaking as a result, I get bronze in my FLex games and enemy gets Plat and higher. Use the same damn MMR for both quenes to remove the trash matchmaking that we have atm. Flex is frustrating and is causin insane amounts of rage on my part, this is stupid that i get matched against high ranked players and then I just can't do anything, so the whole Flex mode is UNPLAYABLE.
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