When did Vayne get buffed?

It's been a while since I've had to deal with a Vayne but I swear that if Vayne did get buffs, they were far too much or the Vayne I fought was simply a cheater which I feel like is the case. 1: Does Vayne have a Zilean effect of getting more exp than others? The Vayne was level 17 when most were barely scratching 15 and that already makes it suspicious. 2: Did Vayne get an attack range boost? I know Vayne had 500 but did she get an increase in general or with her ult like Twitch does? Getting hit from over 600+ range without her tumbling is stupid and unfair especially when she hits you from the other side of the baron pit when you aren't near it. 3: Condemn getting kills... that's it. Not hitting anything yet getting stunned and dying to a skill that does no damage. 4: When did she become invisible all the time with her ult? I thought Akali was bad with her shroud but that? Geez. All in all, was the Vayne I fought from recent buffs or one who simply cheated?
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